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It’s less than 2 weeks to Thanksgiving in the US – have you been tweaking your menu? Are you still waiting to get started? Wherever you are on the spectrum, there are enough recipes below to get you over the finish line.

My favorite advice came from Chef Dale Talde:

Get everything in one place. Don’t get the turkey from the butcher, the bread from the baker…you’ll go crazy. No one really goes shopping until the day of. A bangin’ gravy and bangin’ mashed potatoes will save any crappy Thanksgiving, like overcooked turkey or bad cranberry sauce. I use a half pound of butter per pound of Robuchon potatoes.

I’m making a one dish meal of Ina Garten’s mushroom and leek bread pudding by throwing in some turkey sausage. With a few side dishes and a pie from Pike Place Market, I’ll be set.

Stay tuned next week for one more run at Thanksgiving. We’ll take a look at the kids table. Until then – enjoy!

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