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It’s the weekend – what are you up to? How about nothing?

Organizer Hellen Buttigieg came up with the “no plans weekend” idea. She noticed that weekends with her family had become a steady stream of home improvement projects, errands and social activities. What they needed was a break.

It worked. In fact, it worked so well that she blocked out one weekend each month with nothing but free time. Don’t think of it as hiding out. Imagine instead using two days once a month to be inspired, explore someplace new or call friends for a spontaneous get-together.

A no plans weekend is a mini-version of Bill Gates’ annual “Think Week” tradition. You can crib his title if you feel like you need to give friends and family a polite explanation about slowly responding to messages.

It’s only January 9, but you’ve probably been pushing yourself hard. Follow make-up artist Laura Geller’s lead – she just tweeted that they’re closing the warehouse for a week after a busy holiday. White space your weekend calendar and use the next 2 days to restock, restore and revitalize yourself.

See you Monday! Enjoy!