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How are you doing with your January calendar? Hmm…having some trouble getting tasks to line up in perfect order like you predicted on January 1? Try advice from organizer Helene Segura in her article, “8 Ways for Road Warriors to Be More Productive“.

Mobility isn’t confined to sales people. It includes stay at home parents and anyone who volunteers in addition to their day job. The secret is harnessing technology and the calendar to work for us while we’re on the go.

Here are 3 takeaways to get January jump started:

– Add time to your appointments. Are you always late to your next meeting? Do you find yourself distracted by the last topic? You may need to block out some transition time. I have a colleague who cultivated the good habit of ending every meeting 5 minutes early, even if he’s just traveling from floor to floor. Ending early gives everyone time a chance to get some fresh air and generally clear their mind. By the next meeting, people are physically and mentally present.

– Schedule fewer appointments. My version of this idea is to weight my day. I’m more alert in the morning, so whenever possible, I schedule conference calls early. It gives me open space in the afternoon to work on the projects I discussed in the morning.

– Meet the Absolute Yes List. Instead of rushing out the door for your evening commute, make an appointment with yourself at the end of each day to get organized for the next day. I shorthand this concept by using Cheryl Richardson’s idea of an “Absolute Yes” list. Write down 3-5 things that must get accomplished by the end of the day. Having the Absolute Yes list helps me avoid getting randomized and get back to work when I am. The more jammed you are, the more you need an Absolute Yes list!

Here’s to having a work and home life in good order. Enjoy!