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Have you been thinking this week about where you’d like to set your new bar for relationships? You’ll get a quick “yes” and “no” list by reading “15 Things Emotionally Strong People Don’t Do“.

Emotionally healthy people don’t:

  • Beg for attention;
  • Let just anyone into their lives;
  • Have a problem saying no; or
  • Stop doing their own thing.

As I glanced down the list, I was reminded how confusing friendships and romance can be. If you allow others to constantly criticize you or if you’re afraid to discuss your true feelings, it’s time to freshen things up. You don’t want to wind up in the “warning signs” column of “The Tests of True Love” graphic!

It can be hard to wean yourself from the drama, but it’s worth the effort. In no time, bars like transparency and communication that once seemed ridiculously high will become attainable and even the new normal.