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Spring is on and people are making plans. There’s something about everything blossoming on a sunny afternoon that shouts “Road trip!”

Ahh, but where to go? How to get there? What to take? Check out the links below for some inspiration.

Two luggage tips for you. 22″ x 14″ x 9″. What’s that you ask? The maximum US size for your carry-on luggage, including your suitcase handle (and Europe gets even tighter). Oh, but you have another carry-on, you say? You do. However, the magic words are “personal item.” That means you’re probably not going to pass off that duffle bag as a huge purse. Avoid frustrations by having the right sizes, and then you won’t have to hold your breath as the flight attendants scowl in your direction and bounce your bags.

One of my colleagues joked, “I think everyone should have their own personal Spring Break, even if they don’t have kids.” That sounds about right to me. With the dollar trading against the Euro at its strongest in 7 years, this may be the time to go abroad.


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