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Do you ever think back on a situation and ask yourself, “Why didn’t I see that?” In the April series, Smell the Rain, we’ll take a look at trusting your instincts by connecting to subtle messages.

Real estate was booming when Mila graduated with a Finance degree. Everything fell into place when her Aunt encouraged her to become a mortgage broker. It was the perfect way to combine her sunny personality and business acumen.

Mila got her feet wet with a small family business. After a few years, she was ready to move up. She couldn’t wait to start at Washington Mutual.

When we met, she had been on the job for almost 3 years. There was so much to like about WaMu. The people were terrific. Many of them had been on staff for decades. She loved their deep understanding about what worked and what didn’t. She enjoyed her steady salary rather than the unpredictable world of commission only. Things were good. Or were they?

Mila seemed to constantly take on new work responsibilities whenever we sang together. She was initially enthusiastic about the possibilities. However, her patience started to wear thin as the overtime racked up. The “learning opportunities” her manager kept presenting were a nice phrase for getting dumped on. She became the go-to person when people started quitting. She was more than the best person for the job. As the team continued to shrink, she was the only person.

I was stunned to hear the news reports on the September 25, 2008 drive home. Federal officials had seized the bank that afternoon. Within a day, Washington Mutual filed for bankruptcy, becoming another casualty of the financial crisis.

What about Mila? She walked into rehearsal that weekend like she didn’t have a care in the world. I rushed up to her. “Is everything all right? Did you get laid off?” I asked.

“No! I moved on about a month ago. It’s basically a lateral move, but that’s ok. I knew all that turnover couldn’t be a good sign. One of my sorority sisters told me Wells Fargo had an opening, so I applied for kicks. It’s funny – just weeks before I began to wonder what life after WaMu would look like. Things happened so fast with Wells Fargo, but I just went with it. Now I’m glad I did.”

She shrugged her shoulders and smiled. “You’ve got to smell the rain, you know?”

You may be getting some hints from the Universe that you’ve dismissed as random thoughts. “Get your resume ready.” “Don’t say something right now.” “Check out that company before you accept their offer.” “Let your kids work it out on their own.” Start to pay attention, especially if you’re hearing a message more than once. Those ideas may be a sneak preview of a vibrant future.

This is the week to give your intellect a rest. Stop processing, processing, processing, and let your instincts get a word in edgewise. The perfect answer might be at your fingertips. Shhh…Spirit is trying to speak.