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Have you been through moments when everyone seems to know where you stand, except you? Acting early on your instincts is the series for April, Smell the Rain.

Carolyn had been a fashion columnist for a major newspaper for years. Intelligent and chic, she was always on trend and on top of things. Her down-to-earth editor, Elaine, was the perfect foil. When things got tense, she could cut the tension with a well-timed joke. Carolyn loved her. More importantly, she trusted her.

That’s why it mattered when Elaine pulled Carolyn aside. Once a welcome figure at editorial meetings, the staff began to bristle as soon as they smelled Carolyn’s perfume in the hallway. Every week was more explosive.

“Carolyn, I wanted to check in with you about the deadline. I read your draft, but it’s almost like you’re recycling old columns. Do you have anything in your back pocket?” Elaine asked as the room cleared out.

“Elaine, please. How many fresh ideas do you want for Fall coats? Of course they’re the same!” Carolyn protested.

Elaine could feel the brush-off. “I understand the themes are the same. I’m just saying that the columns are too close to what we’ve already run.” She took a breath. “And they’re late.”

Carolyn began to stammer. Elaine listened calmly as she shut the door. “It’s more than the columns. You’re sarcastic and edgy with the staff. The interns are starting to joke that “The Devil Wears Prada” is not just a movie.”

“Elaine, I’m going to send you something new tonight. As for the interns…well, that’s their problem!” Carolyn snapped.

Elaine softened her tone. “Carolyn, this can be a stressful job. I know you had a lot going on with your Aunt’s illness. After she passed, I’m sure settling her estate has been time consuming.”

It looked like Carolyn was starting to listen.

Elaine suggested, “Summer’s coming up. Have you considered that you might use your inheritance and ask for a sabbatical? Your mind seems to be somewhere else at the moment. Why don’t you let your body follow? You can come back refreshed.”

Carolyn’s face reddened. She shook her head in confusion. Shell-shocked, she asked, “But what would I do with myself?”

We’ve all had moments like Carolyn. Our ego is pulling in one direction; our instincts are pulling in another. We stop ourselves because we can’t clearly see the road ahead. Carolyn’s “money, prestige, busyness” mantra meant she had blinders on to other possibilities. Just for kicks, she could have tried on “satisfying, fun, engaging”. Maybe she would have returned to the same job. Maybe not.

This is the week to admit that your instincts have already made a decision. Stop shouting down the “hell, yes!” you’re hearing, even though you tell yourself you’re “just checking” airfares for your dream trip. Face up to the “not right now” whisper that’s coming through because you can’t seem to set money aside for that house down payment. Love the choice, whatever it is.