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I’m pleased to kick off May by announcing my new brand, Soul Boss.

“What’s a Soul Boss,” you ask?

A Soul Boss is the master of their beliefs and values. The creative, wise CEO of their life.

I’m not your Soul Boss. You are. That’s right – you.

Not your family. Not your work manager. Not social media. You’re the boss of you.

Do you immediately envision an unfair bully when you hear the word “boss”? Does being a boss seem at odds with spiritual principles?

Consider this: Great bosses are present. They’re never afraid to do the work. They accomplish their goals without rolling over others. They’re flexible, deftly moving through change without being an inconsistent chameleon.

Soul Bosses share these qualities. They also:

  • Think independently and trust their instincts;
  • Demonstrate courage and self-control, even in tough situations; and
  • Display tolerance, kindness and compassion.

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Amp up the joy and turn down the struggle with customizable, sustainable techniques. Join in and be a Soul Boss!