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It’s a bad news, good news kind of Good Find Friday.

May is National High Blood Pressure education month! (Insert slow clap here.)

OK, no one wants to celebrate high blood pressure (also known as arterial hypertension), but it’s an important topic. Did you know that nearly 1 in 3 women have this condition? Hypertension is about more than being stressed out. If your heart isn’t healthy, you’ll have difficulty with your circulation, a harder time breathing and general fatigue as the rest of your organs work harder to function.

Nutrition and exercise are keys to preventing and managing hypertension. Here are 3 pieces of good news:

  1. ShareCare has a 7 step plan for heart health. I love any checklist that includes “Eat Your Heart Out” and “Schedule Sleep”.
  2. You can keep the snacks going, but make some simple changes. Fill up on fiber (did you know raspberries has more fiber than prunes?), always include protein and add some crunch like baby carrots, celery or snap peas.
  3. Break out that bike! May is also National Bike Month.

Make it a goal to get going every day of May in your own version of #MoveItMay.