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I have a friend who’s a grilling ninja. When I ran into him I asked, “Hey – have you broken out your grill yet?”

I was surprised when he shook his head no. He shrugged and laughed, “We just never put it away anymore!”

If you’re a grillmaster, you can skip this post. For the rest of us, the long weekend in the US is the official kick-off to grill season.

You may be a carnivore supreme, but what about your guests who are trying to eat lighter? Try serving Brown Sugar Baked Beans or the Colorful Veggie Slaw. They may be surprised when you tell them both recipes are vegan.

Skip the discount barbecue sauce and mix up your main course with Moroccan spiced rack of lamb, Korean style barbecue short ribs or chili garlic chicken skewers with yogurt dip.

Do you need some new cocktails to wash it all down? Non-alcoholic drinks from Southern Living as well as pitcher size mixes are below.

And don’t cut the steak to see if it’s done! Check out the “9 Things You Should Never Do When Grilling” if you’re buying your first grill or need a refresher course.


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