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What a week! It’s been a short one in the States after the Memorial Day holiday, but it’s been brutal. Am I the only one that needs a laugh to start the weekend? Gemma Correll has the answer.

Gemma is many things: an illustrator, British, and “all around small person.” She has also dealt with an anxiety disorder and depression for many years. She’s compiled her irreverent look at life into “A Worrier’s Guide to Life.”

Before you click away, think again. Although the book contains some serious topics, Gemma keeps it light-hearted. If you’re having a hard time, maybe you need a sticker, just like little kids. How about “A+ grown up” or “I did the laundry”. That sounds like my week in a nutshell!

Ladies, are you feeling a little nervous about swimsuit season? Gemma has a handy guide to body types. I think I’m falling somewhere between pizza and turkey leg these days.

I had many, many laugh out loud moments. I hope you will, too. Check out more illustrations at Gemma’s site. She’s absolutely delightful.