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Are you ready to put the Soul Boss work principles we’ve talked about in June into action? Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, you’ll want to check out the links below.

I loved Lisa Dougherty’s superb article, “16 Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile and Your Personal Brand.” She gives you a crash course on branding as well as practical tips like character limits. Think your online presence doesn’t matter? A recent study of recruiters mentioned that they were increasingly wary of people without an online profile. Their quick assessment was that you’re either hiding something or you’re just a dud. Either way, don’t be that guy!

Maybe you love your current job but just want to work smarter. “11 Productivity Hacks from Successful Entrepreneurs” give you techniques for organizing your projects and your day. The easiest? Having a “no meeting” day. Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz blocks out every Wednesday to catch up on tasks.

Of course I have to give a pitch for “How To Use Mindfulness at Work.” One of my favorite ideas? “Slow down to speed up,” where you reflect on possibilities before you make decisions and take the necessary time to complete a task. It’s counterintuitive to our go, go culture, but you’ll find yourself being more efficient. Make the right decision the first time, and make it stick!

And are you still posting those crazy photos and status updates which undermine your professional credibility? Don’t.


16 Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile and Your Personal Brand

11 Productivity Hacks from Successful Entrepreneurs

How To Use Mindfulness at Work

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