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Did you take time for nice at work this week? How about ending on a high note and including yourself on that list?

Self-care works best when you use your awareness to customize your everyday world, not withdraw from it. Natural health practitioner Melanie Brown captures it perfectly:

Self-care isn’t about how many massages you get a month, or which type of yoga you do, or what you exclude on your diet. Those are smokescreens for exhaustion, pressure, overwhelm, and lack of self-kindness.

Self-care is about the attitude, energy vibe, and actions you choose in each moment that guide you into the optimal range of stimulation for your nervous system. Not too little. Not too much. It’s about creating the healthy habits and conditions that allow you to thrive.

Summer is the perfect time to experiment. Don’t know where to start? Here are three simple tips for sensitive people, whether that’s you or a family member:

  1. Apartment Therapy has ideas about “How To Set Up Your Home and Routines to Help Yourself If You’re a Highly Sensitive Person“, including a self-test. I like to use essential oils at home and the office. A little lemongrass mist will clear your head and keep you going in the afternoon.
  2. Psychology Today has ten survival tips. I highly recommend “plan in decompression time”. It wouldn’t be Summer if you didn’t take life a little more slowly, whether that means long meals al fresco or just ducking out of the office a little early.
  3. Create at least one new ritual for yourself. This may be the season to bring back the tradition of Sunday dinners.