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Have you been keeping it loose this week? How about taking it one step farther and using your relaxation reflex?

Everyone says they like to unwind, but have we lost the art of true relaxation? Ask a few people this question on Friday morning, and you’ll hear a chorus of “I’m going to sleep in!”. Restoring your body is a good place to start, but what else can you do?

In her article, “Are You Using Your Relaxation Reflex?” author Bonnie Snyder gives some insightful prompts. Do you think you’re the Zen Master of Chill? Then these statements will be easy to answer:

“I am relaxed when I ______.
“I can’t relax because _______.”

Hmm… are you a little stumped? So was TV host Dan Wheeler. For years he marveled at his neighbor who liked to putter around the yard for hours. Dan still loves spending his down time playing music, but he’s also following his neighbor’s lead. He said, “This guy just loves doing the yard work, and it’s something that relaxes him. I’m trying to take a page out of his book and take my time with it, enjoy being outside, and relax.”

Don’t wait to unwind out of sheer exhaustion. Find that activity or two that makes you fall in love. The one that makes you say, “If I’m [_____], I’m in a good place.” Enjoy…and relax!