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Are you practicing “Love the GIVE“? It’s an easy concept. Give something simple away for the next 30 days.

As the ideas below illustrate, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. You don’t have to invest hour upon hour of time. If one of these suggestions don’t resonate, daydream one of your own and make it happen. You can post updates at Twitter using the #30DayGive hashtag.

Parents: This is a great starter for a generosity practice for kids. Have you already taught them how to be grateful every day? Now take it to the next level and show them how to be generous to others.

End your week by making someone happy. You’ll be happy too – just like the smiling people at the Love the GIVE Instagram account.


  1. Wish someone “Good Morning”
  2. Hold open a door for someone
  3. Smile at others, it’s contagious
  4. Compliment a stranger
  5. Offer to help someone carry something
  6. Give hugs
  7. Send positive thoughts someone’s way
  8. Buy something for the person behind you in line
  9. Tell a friend how much you care about them
  10. Bring flowers to a nursing home
  11. Make someone laugh
  12. Leave a small gift for a neighbor or co-worker
  13. Thank a nurse, fireman, cop, or veteran
  14. Call someone you haven’t spoken to recently
  15. Leave a generous tip
  16. Give up your seat on a bus or train
  17. Keep a bowl of candy for visitors
  18. Let a car merge or a person go ahead in line
  19. Buy a friend or co-worker lunch
  20. Pick up treats for friends next time you’re out
  21. Ask someone who is busy how you can help
  22. Take out a friend who needs cheering up
  23. Donate time or treasure to a charity or school
  24. Register as an organ donor
  25. Tell someone you love them
  26. Frame a photo of you and a friend as a gift
  27. Have a friend or co-worker over for dinner
  28. Send a drink over to a couple at a restaurant
  29. Send a hand written letter to someone special
  30. Offer to teach someone something new