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We’re getting down to the last few weeks of Summer and there are more and more open spaces in the garage every day. Take a look at the tips below if you’re trying to squeeze in one last vacation before the weather changes.

Of course your devices are going with you. However, do you know how to protect them? Check out “13 must-take steps to combat physical and digital theft while traveling.” There are a lot of practical suggestions but my favorite was “Bring only what you need.”

Are you someone whose great intentions about having your home in order always get derailed by last minute emergencies? Dorothy the Organizer has the perfect checklist detailing everything from how to secure your home to efficient ways to pack.

Do you raise an eyebrow every time you look at those dud in-flight menus? Try “10 Flight Friendly Recipes You Can Make Yourself.” They have a list of easy recipes to ensure you have something healthy to eat. No time to cook? Try my shortcut. I always travel with a bag of walnuts or almonds and banana chips. Skip trail mixes filled with candy and load up on protein instead. It will keep you going when you’re dashing for your connecting flight or taxi and don’t have time to stop.

Even seasoned travelers will like “21 Travel Hacks You Need to Know Before You Go.” Sure, you’re already a packing pro, but there are a lot of clever ideas. You’ll want to have items like medication and your phone charger in your personal item, just in case your luggage gets bumped due to an overbooked flight. For power on the go, I’m a fan of the Halo charger.

If you don’t have the time or the means to get away, at least make sure you knock off early. It’s not just high minded self-care. Leaving work early is a professional recommendation from Inc. magazine. They claim it can make you super successful. Really!