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Fall brings vibrant colors and picture perfect weather to Seattle. While some people are enjoying the last gasp of sunny days, local farmers are working overtime to get their final crops collected and out to market before Winter rains begin.

Are you in a similar space? As you look back at 2015, have you been challenged to work through some tough circumstances before enjoying a stunning harvest? The October series, Compounding Good, will look at powering through adversity.

After college, Kyla worked as a personal chef for a tech executive in San Francisco. Her friends teased her about her new job. “What, you’re packing someone’s salad for the day? How hard can that be?!” But it was much more than that. Frank and Logan always had something going. Sometimes it was a small, chic dinner party. Then Logan would host a charity lunch. And New Year’s Eve was always a blow-out party.

When Frank and Logan relocated to New York, Kyla was heartbroken. Then she had a lightbulb moment. How about opening her own catering business? Of course!

Kyla’s family was uncertain as they boarded the plane for San Francisco. Kyla seemed frustrated and unhappy whenever they talked. The first year of the business had been hard, but wasn’t that the case for most businesses?

They couldn’t believe the lighthearted daughter who met them at the airport. Kyla had scored a job at the prestigious Top of the Mark restaurant. They expected her to be devastated after shutting her company, but she was in high spirits.

Kyla filled them in at dinner. “I thought I’d be booked for months in advance catering events for Frank and Logan’s friends. My plan was to spend my days testing amazing recipes. I look back now and shake my head.”

“A bridezilla client had a meltdown, and it was like a thunderbolt hit me. I found myself saying, “What am I doing?” She tensed up as she recalled the memory. “Finding a commercial kitchen, hiring help to serve at parties, constantly hustling for bookings… It was tough to admit, but it was so much more complicated than I thought.”

She shrugged her shoulders. “I realized deep down that I had looked at friends working at start-ups and thought, “Why not me?” That’s not a great reason to go out on your own. Closing shop was actually a relief. Now I don’t have to keep the story going that I’m a big success.”

Kyla sighed, “Working at Top of the Mark isn’t about the gorgeous view or the fantastic ingredients. I’m finally back to what I really love – creating beautiful food. It’s probably not forever, but this job is right for now.”

“So complicated” and confronting problem after problem had become Kyla’s normal, and it was burning her out. After she regained sight of her original inspiration, the desperation, envy and financial anxiety that were making her life miserable evaporated.

This week, think of 3 ways to compound the Good in your life. Will you pivot away from the “me, too” goals that just aren’t working out? Rekindle a passion and create your harvest from the heart.