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“I express gratitude for all the Good in my life. Each day brings wonderful new surprises.”

“The point of power is in the present moment.”

“Out of this situation, only Good will come.”

Are you already feeling more calm and centered?

The affirmations above are from renowned New Thought author, Louise Hay. It was Louise’s 89th birthday this week. She likes to make up little catch-phrases for every birthday, and this year’s motto is “I’m changing from Louise Hay to Louise Play, inviting more fun and play into my life!”

Jean Haner co-wrote “Your Hidden Symmetry” with Louise, and she was fascinated by Louise’s approach to life. Louise said:

“I do what life presents to me. I’ve learned to trust what comes to me. If it’s a challenging lesson, ok, what do I need to do?”

If it’s a door opening, wonderful! I can do it.

Whatever challenge or opportunity is given to me, the wherewithal just unfolds. I allow my life to happen.”

If you’d like to get started using affirmative statements in your life, check out my Pinterest board filled with some of the best of Louise Hay. (And follow me at Pinterest for creative ideas, good habits and other fun stuff.)

OK – ready to wrap up the week? “All is well in my wonderful world. And so it is.”