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I was saddened to read about the death of Anna Pump this week. Anna was famous as a chef, cookbook writer and the owner of the Loaves & Fishes Cookshop in the Hamptons. She trained with James Beard before opening the Loaves & Fishes.

Anna said, “I love simple foods as well as grand. Dinners that take a half-hour from skillet to plate are as important as a five-course dinner. A meal that can materialize in an hour and be presented with care, love and pride is something every busy person longs to be able to do. You can.”

In honor of Anna Pump, try adding some one pot dinners like Paleo Chicken and Sweet Potato Bake or Summer Vegetables with Sausage to your repertoire. And make sure they all the one ingredient that makes any dish special: love.

Danke und auf wiedersehn, Anna!


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