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Did you know that next week is World Kindness Day? Since we’re talking about kindness toward ourselves this month, it’s a perfect time to get the party started early.

World Kindness Day on November 13 focuses on being kind-hearted to others. Are you stumped for new ideas? Check out the innovative article “30 Acts of Kindness for 30 Days of Growth.” I loved the suggestion to tape a lotto ticket to your local gas pump with a note of “I hope you win!”

You don’t have to spend a lot of money. Surprise a stranger by holding the door open for them. If you’re ready for a big leap, give your loved one sole control of the TV remote. (You can wrestle it back tomorrow.)

Don’t forget to your personal act of kindness. There’s a “Just for me” list to get you started on the randomactsofkindness.org website. Listen to your favorite music. Eat a meal with seasonal, local ingredients. Get those running shoes out of the back of the closet or pull out your yoga DVD. If nothing else, take a few moments to appreciate the sunrise or sunset while taking a few deep breaths. Your spirit will thank you.

As the World Kindness Movement reminds us, “it costs nothing to be kind.” Will daily acts of kindness be part of your November routine? Get going!