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Thanksgiving is just two weeks away and that means menu planning is on. I’m starting with the best part of the meal: dessert!

There are plenty of good ideas below if you’d like to go the traditional route. But what if some of your guests have special considerations or you simply want to switch things up?

How about skipping oven time and making pumpkin crème brulee in less than an hour?

Or maybe you never loved pie, but you want something seasonal. Try the vegan salted caramel apple bites from Goodmotherdiet. Her recipe is so easy that you can put the kids to work making dessert.

And what will you serve people who have nut allergies? How does gingerbread pudding cake sound?

If you’re a pie master, try the fancy brandied pumpkin pie (or you can substitute butternut squash) from the New York Times.

Whatever you serve, your guests will be thankful for a sweet ending to a fantastic meal. Enjoy!

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