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Only a week to go until Thanksgiving. Is your menu sketched out? Is the pantry starting to fill up? No?! There’s still time, and the links below will get you going.

Let’s start with the main event: the turkey. Maybe you’re so busy cooking that the make-ahead turkey from the Barefoot Contessa, where you serve an already sliced turkey to your guests, is for you. But if you want the wow factor, you’ll need to follow Joanne Weir’s recipe for Perfect Roast Turkey, complete with a day-by-day countdown.

Next up: the sides. Lil Luna has the ultimate list – 75 Thanksgiving side dish recipes. If you’re looking to lighten your table, check out the recipes list from GoodMotherDiet. She has everything from colorful salads to fresh ideas like butternut squash and potato soup or parmesan roasted cauliflower.

And how do you finish things off? Click to Sweet Treats for Thanksgiving.

Whether you’re cooking for two or twenty next week, enjoy the day. In fact, in addition to asking guests to tell what they’re grateful for, you may want to ask for a Thanksgiving disaster or two. Trust me – this is sure to bring a lot of laughter to your holiday meal. Did I ever tell you about the time my Mom hit “self-clean” instead of “bake”?


75 Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes

GoodMotherDiet Recipes (including vegan and vegetarian options)

New York Times Thanksgiving Dinner (includes how to plan the menu)

PCC Natural Markets Special Diets (includes gluten-free, nut free, vegan and vegetarian)