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Have you figured out a new habit or two for your self-care ritual? There are 5 weeks left in 2015, so here are 5 ideas to take you through the end of the year.

  • Did you share your gratitude list at Thanksgiving dinner? Well, keep it going. Studies have shown that gratitude is healthy for the heart. Depression, stress and anxiety can be lowered simply by having a positive outlook.
  • Eat well first thing. Your Mom was right – breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Starting your day with a meal including fiber, some fat and protein keeps your blood sugar straight. Think of it this way: does the guy in your staff meeting who’s had a sweet roll and three cups of coffee seem calm or stressed out?
  • Spend some time outdoors. In a recent poll, 94% of people turned to nature as a way to manage their stress, such as spending time by water or taking a walk to see the seasons change.
  • Get a hobby. You might try the new coloring book craze, doing some kind of craft like beading or painting, or whatever else your gift may be. I have a friend who recently discovered woodworking. I’m hopeless with anything mechanical, but her face lights up when she mentions her new miter saw. Go figure…
  • Take some quiet time. Paulette Motzko encourages, “In solitude you can create, problem solve, touch the Divine to your original ideas. In silence the angels speak; you only need to listen.”