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A passionate love. Impossible circumstances. Opposing families. A work of fiction? No – this is the story of “The Lovers: Afghanistan’s Romeo and Juliet, the True Story of How They Defied Their Families and Escaped an Honor Killing.”

New York times correspondent Rod Nordland’s suspenseful novel tells the complicated journey of Ali and Zakia, a couple who married without their parent’s permission in 2013. Their obstacles are endless – from large issues such as the political and societal pressures of living in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan to the mechanics of obtaining passports and getting the money to stay on the run.

“The Lovers” could redefine the way you think about love this Valentine’s Day. You may walk away believing that love is more than romance. It is, in fact, a human right.

If you’re looking for a compelling, fast-paced read, “The Lovers” is for you. As the hours tick by, you’ll find yourself saying, “Just one more chapter…”.

At one point, Ali asks, “What was it that made you love me?”

Zakia sweetly answers, “You were gentle, and you spoke to me with kindness.”

Wishing you a gentle, kind Valentine’s Day, Soul Bosses.