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“How to manifest money immediately.”

“How to manifest what you want.”

“How to manifest anything quickly.”

Put “manifesting” into any search engine and you’ll get thousands of answers. However, what’s missing from all those results? Demonstrations with meaning.

So, are you ready to give the popular version of manifesting a rest? Great! The March series, Light It Up, will help you shift from the mad chase for people, places or things that often spring from your greatest fears to deep, conscious creation.

You may feel like you’re ready for instant results, but it’s worth taking a moment to go back to basics. Where do you start? A Course in Miracles puts it this way, “There are no idle thoughts. All thoughts have power. They cannot be without effect.”

You’re saying, “Wait – I spent a lot of time in January working on my intentions. My thoughts are in order.” That may be true, but are your words working against you? This is what happened for Carol.

Carol’s Summer consultation with a personal organizer wasn’t quite what she expected. It took more than a few friendly, intense discussions about decluttering with Kim to get the custom closets and organizing solutions of her dreams.

But then the house felt different – really different. Suddenly her kids constantly had friends over. Once school began, they no longer rushed out the door. School paperwork kept moving instead of piling up on every flat surface. Everyone felt lighter and happier.

Until November.

By January, Carol was back at Kim’s doorstep, and the news wasn’t good. “Everything’s a mess. The house is a wreck.” As Carol ranted, she dropped words like “disorganized” and “lazy.”

Kim was taken aback. What could have derailed Carol so quickly? As they talked, Carol mentioned a neighbor who had asked for help during a family emergency. Post-surgery complications stretched from Thanksgiving into the new year.

A reboot was in order. “Carol, with an exploding To Do list, you’re hardly a slacker,” Kim consoled. “Your systems may be off track, but I’m sure it’s temporary. Start giving yourself credit for what counts: being a compassionate friend in a great community. Those things are more important than a perfectly organized family room.”

We’ve all been Carol. Just when we’re hoping to see some results, our highest intentions derail. Our self-talk immediately turns sour as we feel terrible or worse yet, hopeless. We unintentionally become a walking conflict (also known as, “You can’t pray out of one side of your mouth and worry out of the other”).

A Course in Miracles says, “It is never the idol that you want, but what you think it offers you.” Carol’s unspoken intention had been close, rewarding relationships. She was actually on track with her manifestation, even if her family room didn’t show it.

As Winter slowly turns into Spring, do more than daydream about a rewarding career, joyous home or vibrantly healthy relationships. You’ll begin to see manifestations of Good by aligning your words with passionate actions. You may even have a few Divine surprises thrown in. Lose the labels that may have crept in. Light it up.