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Were you more aware of your self-talk this week? Did you lose the labels? Well done!

You’ll find a lot to like in “Beginnings: The Breakthrough Moment“. This New York Magazine feature shows how people experienced turnarounds – some of them big, others only a whisper. Their breakthrough moment often arrived when they changed their self-perception or refused the labels others tried to project onto them.

Beginnings is filled with compelling stories. For instance:

  • Celebrity DJ and music producer Mark Ronson admits nagging self-doubt.
  • Chef Dan Barber recalls how his passion for close-to-the-land cooking was actually shaped by years of bad meals.
  • Yo-Yo Ma shares his insight that music was a conduit to understanding the people around him. However, it took decades before he realized that deep personal connections were just as important to him as performing.

Take a few minutes to click through the profiles. You’re sure to be inspired as you focus on conscious creation this month.