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Organizer Julie Morganstern loves her new Manhattan apartment. She planned to implement her best techniques following her move from Brooklyn. And those techniques worked. Except when they didn’t…

She had to make plenty of adjustments along the way. She admits, “It forced me to pare down.”

We’re talking about conscious creation in the March series, Light It Up. If a seasoned organizer has to recognize their limits, are you also aiming too high?

Apurva was happy to catch up with his former roommate, Frank. It had been over a year since they connected.

“Frank – how’s your business going? Are you still out on your own?”

Frank shook his head. “Oh, no! It was the craziest thing. When a friend approached me about selling supplements, I thought, “I’ve been taking them since I was on the rowing team in college, so why not get paid for it? This will be a piece of cake!”” he laughed.

“Who doesn’t want to run their own company? My time was my own, so I could go for a run or a workout whenever I wanted. But referral marketing was so different than I had imagined.”

Apurva interrupted. “I’m confused. What was the problem?”

“Where do I start?!” Frank shouted. “I had never been in Sales – I didn’t anticipate the pressure. I had to make my quota and sign up new people to work for me. I felt like I had to constantly pitch, no matter where I was.”

He tensed up. “The rejection was so hard to take. People weren’t receptive and I started to feel really desperate. I definitely wasn’t making the money I thought would just roll in. Worse yet, I was surprised how lonely I felt. Without colleagues, I had to learn everything myself. I’m a little embarrassed to say that I felt like I learned most lessons the hard way.”

He shrugged his shoulders and leaned back in his chair. “When I took a step back, I realized that I don’t even like looking at my own checking account. Why would I want to be responsible for a payroll? After 9 months, I was ready to find another Marketing job. It’s all good!”

Many people have similar experiences as they try to manifest. Their ego speaks at full volume about incomparable end results while the warnings come in whispers. When the mind and spirit are at odds, we can’t be successful. Morganstern captures this vicious cycle as she cautions, “Don’t go into denial and wishful thinking. We get into the biggest trouble when we’re over-optimistic…And then we feel defeated when we don’t get everything done.”

If you’re running into obstacle after obstacle, it’s all right to take a second look. But wait – don’t abandon your 2016 intentions just yet. You may need to simply pare them down. Course correct where you’re out of sync. Get back to basics. Sustainable results happen when you’re in the flow – operating in the present moment rather than 5 steps ahead.

Those roadblocks in your way? Be sure to thank them this week.