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Richard Branson.

Sheryl Sandberg.

John Lennon.

Does that sound like a random group? Not really – they’re all list makers.

Are you already pushing back? “Boring!” “Dry!” “Old school!” Then you need to read “Listful Thinking: Using Lists To Be More Productive, Successful and Less Stressed“.

Try using them like this:

  • Lists are a huge time-saver for recurring events, like travel. Do you want to pay attention to looking fabulous on vacation or remembering the iPad charger?
  • Lists help you manage priorities. Do you feel snow blind at work? Try making a list of the top 5 projects before you leave for the night. When interruptions come the next day, it will make choices between “yes” and “not now, please” crystal clear.
  • Lists help you manage the long view. Once your errands are in one place, you’ll know what to pursue and what to cut this weekend. If you need to, put “Fun” as #1. Your Type A, left brain personality will thank you!

My favorite story in “Listful Thinking” was about a woman who was quite successful. In spite of her achievements, she struggled to connect to others. She shifted to focusing on radiating different qualities, literally changing “To Do” to “To Be.” Interesting tactic!

We’re all constantly creating. Make your time count.