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Celebrity designer Nate Berkus has some inside scoop for you. The fastest way to change your place? New furniture, throw pillows or custom finishes? No.

Clean it.

Wait – don’t groan when you think about Spring cleaning. Think of it as a kickstart for some of the best meals, best times, and best weather you’ll have all year.

If you’re ready to donate clothing, clear out your medicine cabinet and yes, wash the windows, read on:

  1. Spring Cleaning Challenge. Getting serious about cleaning starts with Buzzfeed’s 10 day Spring Cleaning Challenge. You’ll hit every room in the house in no time with their 1, 5 and 10 minute challenges. Do you have some reluctant recruits at your place? Set the timer and see who can get it done the fastest.
  2. Daily Tasks. Do great homes start with good habits? Organizer Hellen Buttigieg said, “One of the biggest obstacles to getting things done is the confusion between projects and tasks. Cleaning an entire house is a project. Wiping the counters is a task. The first feels overwhelming and time-consuming; the second feels manageable because it can be done quickly. Get into the habit of breaking down your projects into tasks, and you will get more done and feel less stressed.” Keep it all together by printing this easy 1-pager from Nessa Makes. You’ll “Make Your House a Home” if you follow her simple daily and weekly tasks.
  3. Myers Briggs Organizing. Is the idea of cleaning your house top to bottom just too dull? Try designing by your Myers Briggs personality type. No kidding – Apartment Therapy has an easy overview that will resonate even if you don’t want to take entire the Myers Briggs test. In just a few sentences, you’ll be on your way to creating a retreat that’s just right for you.

If you’re interested in going green, check out my Pinterest board, “I’m a Clean Machine!” for more checklists and natural cleaner ideas.