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“I feel really balanced!”

“Worry?! What’s to worry about with my kids?”

“I’ve got everything pulled together. Piece of cake!”

Three things said by no mother. Ever!

The video from Van Houton Cocoa really touched my heart. At first, you may see yourself in a few of the profiles. Rushed. Striving for perfection. Overcommitted.

But I also hope that you’ll see yourself at the end, as the kids comment about how much their mother means to them. As one woman says, “Maybe I’m doing ok.”

Jill Churchill said, “There is no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.” This sentiment applies whether you’re partnered up, parenting on your own, or are somewhere in between.

For all you modern day moms trailblazing a new paradigm, I salute you and wish you a happy, meaningful Mother’s Day. And before you hit “play”, have your tissue box ready for those happy tears.