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Ah, swimsuit season. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a guy or a gal – are you dreading it?

You’re out of excuses for upping your fitness regime – May is National Physical Fitness and Sports month. The Let’s Move site encourages simple ways to increase your daily activity level, and there’s not a 100 pound barbell in sight:

  • Walking your dog;
  • Gardening in a community garden;
  • Going for a hike in a national park;
  • Going for a bike ride; and
  • Fitness classes with friends and family.

Personal trainer Josh Duvauchelle has a fresh perspective about wellness in his superb Tiny Buddha essay:

An action done in fear has a different outcome than the same action done in love. As a personal trainer, the industry knows that it’s our thoughts and belief systems that actually transform our bodies.

For example, every Summer, people tell me they want to look ripped or toned for the pool season and that they’re worried about abs or love handles. This is a fear-based wellness goal.

A love-based wellness goal might look like this: “I want to be more flexible so I can play with my grandchildren.” Or, “I want stronger legs so I can go hiking more.”

Goals built around love connect us to positive, abundant life experiences.

Here’s to increasing our overall wellness this Spring and Summer so we can volunteer for a service project, work in the yard, or sightsee on foot as much as we want to this vacation. Those are all better goals than having a thigh gap. Girls – you know what I’m talking about!

There’s 10 days left in May. Get going!