Open the gates! School is out, the weather is warm, and Monday is Memorial Day. That means Summer is officially on!

Summer gives us plenty of free time, but how do you strike a balance between plenty of white space to kick back and daydream vs. “Mom, I’m bored!” Give your schedule a little structure.

The good people at Studio 5 of Salt Lake City have a lot of good suggestions about healthy ways to create an effective Summer routine. The easiest way is to break down your weekdays:

  1. Make Something Monday: Make a craft or do a project;
  2. Time To Read Tuesday: Visit a library or book store;
  3. What’s Cooking Wednesday: Bake or cook a new recipe;
  4. Be Thoughtful Thursday: Write a letter, visit a neighbor, deliver cookies, etc.; and
  5. Somewhere Fun Friday: Time to get out of the house!

And what if you’re working and don’t have kids? Make sure you’re using these ideas to liven up your calendar, even if it’s just once a week. I jumped the gun on #5 by kicking off my Memorial Day staycation Thursday night at the Seattle Film Festival.

You’re burning daylight – literally. Get going!