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Do you want an organizing hack that leaves you plenty of time to enjoy the season? Try the “Simple Steps To Staying Organized” list from Andrea Dekker.

These ideas are easy for everyone – even little kids can do #1 and #2. And if you’re living alone? Use these habits to get and keep your place on track.

  1. If you get it out…put it back
  2. If you open it…shut it.
  3. If you try it on…hang it up.
  4. If you get it dirty…wash it.
  5. If you don’t use it…get rid of it.
  6. If it doesn’t fit…donate it.
  7. If it’s expired…dump it.
  8. If it’s junk…throw it out.
  9. If it’s a bill…pay it.
  10. If you schedule it…write it down.

That’s it! Sounds light and achievable – a perfect goal for Summer.