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It seems like the news this week has been a non-stop stream of bad headlines, leaving everyone drained and bewildered. It’s time to end on a high note.

As Sumeja Tulic entered a subway station in downtown New York last Friday, she had a silent prayer: “I was saying, “Please, God, just something nice – I want to see something nice. Enough of this craziness.””

What came next was pretty crazy. But then came the nice.

After a man passed out and fell onto the subway tracks, fearless, quick thinking New Yorkers jumped in. With just minutes until the next train arrived, they lifted him to safety.

As you watch the video below, you will be astonished how one person after the other ran to the scene. Like others in Orlando or the UK in the last few days, they put their own welfare aside as they eagerly helped the man and his rescuers.

Actor Tommy Lee Jones once said, “Kindness and politeness are not overrated at all. They’re underused.”

Let’s start the weekend off with kindness, and then keep it going and going, Soul Bosses.