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The Summer’s half over – can you believe it? It’s time to get serious about that getaway.

Ah, but what to take? Here are 5 hacks to make your Summer vacation easier.

  1. Keep The Party Going (and the power). You’ve probably read it elsewhere, but it’s worth repeating. Always keep your phone charger in your personal item (not your luggage) and get a portable power pack. Running out of juice is a buzzkill!
  2. Don’t forget the extras. Pack some basic toiletries and a few extra clothes, just in case your flight is delayed or cancelled due to weather. I have a colleague who left for a “day trip” in San Francisco and came back 3 days later. In between exhausting business meetings, he spent a lot of money buying clothes at Macy’s and running to the drugstore.
  3. Re-create what works for you at home. If you do well in order and routine, give yourself some props on the road. I like to keep a see-through envelope on hand. It holds event tickets when I’m going and keeps all my receipts in one place so I can shred them when I get home. Do you randomly drop things around your hotel room? For less than $10, Amazon has an organizer that will keep your room key, phone charger, rental car keys and paperwork, etc. together. Problem solved!
  4. Activity Bag. Dorothy the Organizer recommends outfitting yourself just like a little kid in her article, “Favorite Organizing Tips for Stress Free Travel“. What do you need to keep you happy? Pack protein filled snacks, puzzles, movies, audio books or a travel guide to your destination.
  5. Stock up on dollar bills. Keep a separate envelope with dollar bills. You’ll never be stuck for a tip for your shuttle driver and the housekeeping staff again.