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Ok, it’s a chick flick.

But it’s charming.

I’m talking about “Brooklyn“, the story of a young woman trying to settle into life in 1950s New York City after leaving her family in Ireland.

Saoirse Roman is phenomenal as the idealistic, romantic Eilis Lacey. After you see her performance, you’ll understand her long list of Best Actress nominations for this role: Academy Awards, BAFTA, Golden Globe, SAG and Critics’ Choice.

Julie Walters quietly steals the show as Eilis’ boarding house matron desperately trying to keep her independent tenants on the straight and narrow. After the girls make one too many jokes at the dinner table, the caustic, protective Mrs. Keogh says, “I’ll tell you this much: I am going to ask Father Flood to preach a sermon on the dangers of giddiness. I now see that giddiness is the eighth deadly sin. A giddy girl is every bit as evil as a slothful man, and the noise she makes is a lot worse. Now, enough.” Hilarious!

You’ll see yourself or the people you know in this lovely picture. If you have kids going off to college or moving into their first apartment, you’ll remember striking out on your own. If you love romance, you’ll root for Eilis to choose the right beau. But most importantly, you’ll be reminded about being your true self, wherever you land.