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Gemütlichkeit. It’s how Germans relax.

You’re saying, “What? Germans relax?!”


When you hear, “Gemütlichkeit”, think a state of warmth, friendliness, coziness, peace of mind, and even social acceptance. Some people have described it as the mood of a German beer garden.

Germans take it one step further with Ruhezeit (quiet time). Quiet time happens nightly from 8 PM until 7 AM, and all day on Sundays and holidays.

Why is this important for you? Because relaxation is as essential as getting stuff done. In fact, you won’t have the mental and physical energy you need unless you take a break.

Are you protesting? Claiming that your September To Do list is getting bigger by the day, even if you don’t have kids going back to school?

Even more reason for open space.

This weekend, take some time out in nature, linger over a meal, or find a few minutes to just be (without your favorite device in front of you). Better yet, make quiet time part of your Fall family ritual.


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