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Are you already feeling behind, even though the school year has just started?

Relax. It’s still the first week of the month!

Kickstart September with these 3 easy ideas:

Schedule the big picture. I know a middle schooler who keeps claiming that he has plenty of time to work on the first big report of the school year. Then Dad reminded him that he has soccer, choir practice and a family birthday party in between. Hmmm…

What’s the easy fix? A monthly calendar. I use a dry erase board, but a paper version works just as well. The key is to have a large visual that’s easily accessible to everyone in the house. And before you get overscheduled, be sure to bake in some Quiet Hours.

Refresh Your Supplies. Kids aren’t the only ones that need school supplies. Put yourself on the shopping list and get something that will keep you organized (like a planner) or creative (such as craft supplies). My creative splurge was a Staub cast iron pot. New Fall comfort food recipes? It’s on!

Up your Organizing Game. Make this the season you take 10 minutes in the morning or evening to park your mail and the endless school paperwork in a Command Center. In no time your family table can transform from a random landing strip to the center of warm conversation, great meals, and fun.