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Have you met illustrator Mari Andrew?

Her Instagram feed will keep you smiling with irreverent insights about dating and being an artist, like the entertaining Inspiration wheel below. (Be sure to figure out “Which Plant Are You?“)

Mari Andrews Inspiration

This week, a “Thank You!” drawing caught my eye. Her stunning caption shows that getting serious can be rewarding and fun.

Mari, take it away:

“Today marks one year of illustrating!! I’m almost 30 and I just started drawing this time last year.

I realize I’m young in the grand scheme of things, but I didn’t know I could start a new hobby at this point and have it lead to so many wonderful relationships and opportunities that have enriched and changed the shape of my life.

If you feel too old/young/amateur/busy/ridiculous to begin anything that makes you happy, don’t — just pick up a pen! Making these doodles is the happiest part of my day, and your support means more to me than you can ever know.

Thank you so, so much.”

Do what makes you happy, Soul Bosses. And check her out – she’s a delight!