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What is one of the biggest revelations about selling a home?

“Why didn’t I take care of all that little stuff sooner? My place looks so great!”

You can still Pinterest your day away with a million and one ideas for the extreme home makeover. But you can also take the mindfulness and clarity skills you’ve been honing this year and put them to work. Better yet, imagine changes you could make in 30 minutes or less.


Here are 8 ideas to kickstart your Fall fix-up:

  1. Add an over-door organizer to your hall closet. Your bag and coat have an instant home (that isn’t the dining room table!).
  2. Corral those random books and DVDs into a single, sleek media center.
  3. Change your kitchen junk drawer to a utensil drawer. You’re more likely to do some Fall baking if you know where all the measuring spoons are…
  4. Update your lamps with energy efficient bulbs.
  5. Place flameless candles around the house. Several brands feature a timer – no more walking into a dark home at the end of the day.
  6. Fix or update old or broken hardware. Anything that doesn’t close properly, wiggles or is missing makes the list.
  7. Donate your worn or torn towels and linens to the local animal shelter.
  8. Replace the Welcome mat at your front door.

Once you’re caught up, check out the 56 Fall decorating projects and centerpieces from Midwest Living. They’ll keep your table looking beautiful all the way through Thanksgiving.

Don’t wait until you plan to move or sell, or until company arrives. Make your home a sanctuary today.