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Last week’s non-stop rain and high winds in Seattle sealed the deal. It’s time for comfort food!

What comes to mind? Oozing plates of mac and cheese? Massive beef roasts?

Wait a minute. What if you could change traditional thinking and make healthy, whole food the centerpiece of your meals?

Whether you have a few hours to spare or need to get dinner on the table in 30 minutes, here are 4 ways to create satisfying comfort food:

  1. Get back to basics. The New York Times has “5 Easy Recipes You Should Know How To Make“. Who doesn’t love a roast chicken or rich marinara sauce?
  2. Master the Buddha Bowl. Fit Foodie Finds has some healthy Buddha Bowl recipes to get you started, but it’s just four items: whole grains, lean proteins (including nuts or seeds), vegetables and dressing. With brown rice in your pantry and a couple of root vegetables on hand, you’re already halfway there. And don’t forget a gratitude practice to go along with your meal!
  3. Soup’s on! Joanne Weir makes a habit of keeping several kinds of stock in her freezer. In a pinch, dinner can be ready in 15 minutes using chicken stock with some produce or a little pasta thrown in, topped with Parmesan cheese. You get extra points if you have 30 minutes to roast some vegetables for even deeper flavor. And make sure to put greens like spinach and kale in your rotation.
  4. Make it low and slow. Try braising your favorite meats, like braised chicken thighs with carrots. Huffington Post also has 40 slow cooker recipes, including vegetarian ideas for your Meatless Monday like Slow Cooker Quinoa Black Bean Stuffed Peppers.


Don’t forget to make a little extra and throw it in the freezer. Weekend lunch? Done!

Whether you go big or keep it simple, meals made with love feed the soul. Now that’s comfort food.


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