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Thanksgiving is just days away, but are you hearing the same words I am?




Don’t worry – it will all get done! Let’s try another word.


Do you make gratitude part of your Thanksgiving meal, where you ask each guest what they’re thankful for? Or, are you worried about being stumped at someone’s house?


No problem – Bloom Planners has got you covered! Their daily planners include a “How I Bloomed” page.

If you’re already trying to come up with a great answer on Thursday, try their brain teasers. And if you’re a host, save this list to give your guests easy prompts:

  1. The most memorable moment(s);
  2. The nicest thing(s) I did;
  3. New thing(s) I tried;
  4. The most important thing(s) I learned;
  5. The best place(s) I visited;
  6. The best book(s) I read;
  7. Goals I reached; and
  8. To try again. (You can put this one in whether you succeeded or didn’t quite reach the mark. Give yourself credit for stretching!)

I will kick off the conversation by saying that one of the most important things I’ve learned this year is the power of community. I am grateful for all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving, Soul Bosses!