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You’ve dutifully gone to every holiday party at the office.

You’ve had a cookie exchange with your neighbors or at your church.

And now, you’re ready to put your feet up.

What do you serve when it’s only your family or dear friends? The “come as you are” get-together? Definitely NOT a party?!

The links below have you covered for the “just us” brunch. And that means any time during the holidays. Christmas. New Year’s Day. Football playoffs. Or any weekend when you want to step up your breakfast game.

You know what I’m taking about: easy, relaxed, big taste, beautiful table, second servings, and reconnecting.

What it isn’t: hard, complicated, time-consuming or boring! 

Why talk about recipes at a site focused on spiritual practice? Because caring for yourself with strong emotional connections and great food is as important as engaging the mind and soul.


I have a friend who favors a European style breakfast of sliced cold cuts, cheese and light pastries. On weekends, she puts out a modified charcuterie board with prosciutto, cheese and lots of beautiful fruit as her main dish. It’s perfect if you’re looking for something to make ahead of time. 

Or you could go the traditional route with ham or turkey. Hot or cold, they work great for breakfast and keep going all the way through lunch. One pan, make it once meal? Yes, please!

If you’re feeding a crowd (or a few hungry teenagers), try waffle bread pudding (you’re welcome!) or a breakfast casserole. Country Living has much more than eggs. Their 50 recipes include vegetarian options like spinach, feta and artichoke bake.

What about the person who insists on keeping it simple? Give them fancy coffee or hot chocolate to go along with their greek yogurt, berries and granola, or a special schmear for their bagel.

You can check out the list of cocktails and mocktails, but remember Ina Garten’s advice, even if you’re just putting together spiced cider. Make a pitcher, not a glass – you’re the host, not the bartender! I’m going to depart from my usual gluwhein recipe to try a new twist – chai spiced wine.

And end on a sweet note. If you don’t take a little help from the bakery, try bar cookies. They give you a homemade treat that doesn’t require standing in front of the oven for hours rotating cookie pans.

Eat up, Soul Bosses. Enjoy!


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