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If you think it’s been a crazy year already, hold onto your hat – the Year of the Fire Rooster is here!

Roosters are hardworking, talented, active, talkative, and love to be in the middle of a crowd. The Year of the Rooster is often marked by lots of activity and impatience. However, Roosters are known for reaching their goals, even living in luxury. Famous Roosters are Bob Marley, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears.

This is the ideal time to try feng shui, the Chinese art of harmonizing with your environment. If you want to stick with the basics:

  • Clean your home from top to bottom;
  • Sweep the house, starting at the front door and ending at the back (where you symbolically sweep last year’s energy into the past);
  • Buy fresh flowers for abundance;
  • Place a bowl of oranges in the kitchen or dining room for good luck; and
  • Clear your home of old things and create space for the new.

Part of Lunar New Year is honoring your ancestors by serving some of their favorite meals. Traditional dishes are fish (prosperity), noodles (longevity) and dumplings (wealth).

Don’t pick up some crazy take-out with sweet and sour sauce that glows in the dark! Use the recipe links below and then share your table with friends and family (“weilu” which translates to “surrounding the stove”).

Above all else, have fun! Make your home a place of joy. That’s irresistible to good fortune.

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