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It’s been a passionate week. After time with the people you love, your emotional heart is probably in great shape. But is your physical heart keeping pace?

Let me introduce you to Dr. Veronique Billat. She’s a specialist in exercise science, and one of her favorite patients is Robert Marchand.

He’s an ordinary guy in a lot of ways. At 5 feet tall, he’s not the most imposing guy on the block. You can usually find him staying fit by off road biking close to his home outside Paris or at a nearby indoor track. He’s so fast that he just set a new cycling world record.

Wait – did I mention that he’s 105 years old?


Dr. Billat observed that Marchand keeps his heart healthy in four easy ways:

  1. An optimistic attitude;
  2. A strong community with many friends;
  3. A simple diet with fresh, whole food. Marchand’s favorites are soup, cheese, chicken and a glass of red wine with dinner; and
  4. Exercise that makes sense for him. Marchand previously worked as a firefighter, lumberjack and gardener, but did not exercise regularly until retirement.

If you’ve already adopted Robert Marchand’s best practices, go one step further and check out Health.com’s slideshow of 18 heart-healthy foods. Do you want to supercharge the rest of your February menu with plenty of dark chocolate? Good news – that’s a recommendation!