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It’s snowing in Seattle. Even though it’s March. Unheard of!

That’s ok – I’m perfecting my hygge.

What is the Danish concept of hygge? (Pronounced hoo-gah.) A home that is warm and inviting, whether you’re alone or with close family and friends. In this space, you’re present, relaxed, and nurtured.

You know the feeling. When you step into someone’s place and think “ahhh…”

That place should be your place.

Sound good?


If mindfulness is one of your 2017 intentions, experiment with hygge as a 5-sensory meditation. Here are a few ways to kickstart your hygge habit:

Touch – the luxurious, heavy blanket on your bed or a cushy pair of slippers or house shoes.

Taste – fresh, colorful food (even though it’s tempting to load up on tan pasta when it’s cold!).

Hearing – soothing music, which can be everything from Mozart to Motown.

Smell – aromatherapy that you find comforting, whether that’s scented candles or a mix of root vegetables roasting in the oven.

Vision – a clean, soothing environment with beautiful lighting like flameless candles or a lamp with variable settings for reading.

Hygge is about paying attention to and loving the little things, no matter what your income level. If you’re grateful for a the simple elegance of a tealight candle or your favorite kind of rich, dark coffee brewing, you have hygge. (And the more grateful you are, the more abundant your life becomes.)

Cozy up – Spring isn’t officially here until March 20!