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Do you want to be world class in your field? Then skip the mythology about 10,000 hours and dedicate 5 hours a week to learning.

Just 5 hours? Yes!

Here’s what tech billionaire Marc Andreesen had to say about people who wing it and want to skip to the end:

I think the archetype/myth of the 22 year old founder has been blown completely out of proportion. I think skill acquisitions, literally the acquisition of skills and how to do things, is just dramatically underrated.

People are overvaluing the value of just jumping into the deep end of the pool, because the reality is that people who jump into the deep end of the pool drown. There’s a reason there are so many stories about Mark Zuckerberg. There aren’t that many Mark Zuckerbergs. Most of them are still floating face down in the pool…

The really great CEOs…are really encyclopedic in their knowledge of how to run a company, and it’s very hard to just intuit all of that in your early 20s. The path that makes much more sense for most people is to spend five to 10 years getting skills.

You may not have time to read 3 hours a day like “Shark Tank” star Mark Cuban. Still, start somewhere.

Keep going.

In no time, it will be natural to look for ways to constantly expand and improve. That’s a habit that will benefit you whether you’re running a big company or just trying to be a better CEO of you (the goal of all Soul Bosses!).