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Are you looking for the superpower that’s going to take you from wishful thinking to accomplishing your goals?

You need to practice.

Do I hear a big “Nope!”?

Not so fast.

Practice isn’t just for kids learning a musical instrument or trying to become a superstar athlete. It’s also the answer for grown-ups who feel stuck.

You can lean on a single technique below, or work through all five to kickstart your plans. Educators Annie Bosler and Don Greene discovered that success happened by:

  1. Practicing slowly (mistakes are natural and more tolerable when you slow down the pace);
  2. Trying new things (don’t go over information you already know);
  3. Focusing on the task at hand;
  4. Practicing in your brain (put your expert visualization skills to work); and
  5. Splitting your time into small chunks.

Practicing helps us stretch and try different things when the stakes are low. We cultivate the ability to concentrate. Best of all, incremental results appear. And when we get results, our self-confidence soars.

Get on it!

Little Things Are Vital