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With Passover and Easter right around the corner, you’re in good company if you’ve been pulling out dog-eared, yellowing recipes from the family cookbook.

But do more than make your time honored favorites. Go old school like Mom and Grandma and skip the fussy presentations. Save truffle oil mac & cheese or green beans loaded with bacon for another day. Why cover up beautiful fresh asparagus with a heavy sauce?

Here are 4 call-outs to try:

  • Do you love your Bubbe but want to skip that huge platter of brisket? Try roasted chicken thighs with lemon and oregano. This 4-serving recipe is especially good if you’re keeping Passover intimate.
  • I loved the idea from Epicurious to create a colorful Springtime Sandwich Buffett. It’s a fantastic alternative from a traditional menu, especially for your vegan and vegetarian guests.
  • Your quick cook recipe is pineapple upside down cornbread. One bowl, one pan and 15 minutes. That’s Easter dessert goodness in a cast iron skillet!
  • If you’re looking for the blow-out menu, try Southern Living. They have everything from recipes to centerpieces to crafts. It’s on south of the Mason-Dixon line!

However you’re celebrating, The Cleaning Of The House may be underway. Just remember – an engaged, go with the flow host beats an anxious one every time. Be sure to enjoy yourself along the way!

Let’s eat!

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