Are you done with your Spring cleaning?

Not so fast.

Have you looked at your online profiles lately?

You may be thinking, “But I’m not on a job search. I’m good!”

Fair enough – but there are still several reasons to take a second look.

Your social media accounts are your digital handshake. Imagine the big break you’re working on this year finally coming your way – your next big job, a superstar client, fantastic volunteer opportunity, or your true love. What net impression are you giving?

Now consider that hackers are spending their entire day trying to steal the identity you’ve created with care. Yikes!

Here are 3 easy ways to Spring clean your online presence:

  1. Keep Your Favorites. Have you let some accounts go fallow? (Hello, MySpace.) Delete them and be sure to use different passwords for the accounts you keep active. Think of it this way: when fraudsters take over a dormant social media profile, they have a foothold on the rest of your accounts. By now you know your must haves. Let everything else go.
  2. Crack The Party. Crafty Chica Kathy Cano-Murillo once observed that every social media site has its own groove. It’s like a party – some are black tie, others are a barefoot barbecue. To be in the groove, she likes to joke, “You’ve got to crack that party!” With that in mind, are you sure you want to post the same topics to Facebook and LinkedIn? Be sure you’re showing up in a way that’s appropriate for the site and something you want to be discoverable. Know and use the privacy settings!
  3. Search Your Name. Just for kicks, search your name and do some housekeeping where necessary. You don’t want to be confused with the convicted felon who shares your name two states away…

If you remember only one thing, consider this idea from article writer Lisa Quast: “Life is meant to be lived in real life, not online.” True dat!